Am I showing progress?

We are currently on day two of the “halfway” week in the semester, which means we’re halfway through the year. In the last two weeks we have been taught a method of keeping track of progress and making sure we’re on track with making sure our project finishes on time for presenting in the end of June. Attached here is a screenshot of my personal timeline, I am currently on day eleven of the timeline and I am finished the filming of the third video, I am beginning editing today because I was unable to edit last week due to being away in Victoria for the Canadian Swimming Championships.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 8.02.30 AM.png

I am currently three days behind schedule and I am going to be working diligently this week to have both videos completed to stay on track with my timeline. Today I hope to complete the majority of the editing for video three and aim to have the fourth video completed for Friday. To do this I am going to bring through my Pre, Production, and Post workflows which consist of brainstorming, a lot of shooting, and hours of editing. The goal, again, is to have both videos completed by Friday.


What’s Next!?

Propel Project Overview

At the beginning of this semester I was set out to create a professional photography website and  brand myself as a Professional Photographer, however during my proof of concept I found myself documenting my journeys in the video media. After giving my presentation, I shifted gears and started focusing on filmmaking. So, I began a new week-long Proof-of-Concept, which was filming and editing a 7-8-minute vlog (video blog) complete with background audio and professional like quality.

Here are my 12 goals I wish to have completed by the time the semester ends:

  1. A professional channel logo
  2. Cover Art which is aesthetically pleasing to size specifications
  3. channel trailer which describes what you will find on the channel
  4. Four “Eye Explore” style videos – short form travel documentaries
  5. Ten Lifestyle Vlogs of swimming and daily life
  6. Three Playlists: Q&A, “Eye Explore”, and Lifestyle Vlogs
  7. Vlogs will be edited to have consistent style (colour grading, sound, transitions, and content)
  8. Background music is royalty-free and suitable for YouTube publishing (usage of SoundCloud)
  9. Vlog editing places high emphasis on smooth transitions and flow
  10. “Eye Explore” videos will showcase the city and toruism
  11. Thumbnails are custom made to suit the videos
  12. Consistent Intro/Outro in every Vlog

First Impressions of Propel

February 22, 2018

“This is gonna be so cool”! That was the first thing that went through my mind on our first day of the new semester. The first day was something else, due to the fact that for our first class we had to move the entire propel room from the second floor all the way to the old Norwood School Board office (aka) the NMC Day Care. It was lots of heavy lifting but it was a good way to bond with other students when designing our own work spaces.

Going into that first week, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. There was quite a lot that happened “it is going to be extremely front loaded” is what Mr. Hansen had told us on our third day, personally I like doing lots of work. I had no issue with it. The first and second weeks have been lots of assignments and lessons ranging from: proper Power Point usage, and how to write introduction letters, to being taught how to give proper “in the moment” feedback.

Now that we’re just over halfway through the third week of propel, things have started to get a little more personalized. yes we still have a few lessons here and there, but we are getting a significant amount of freedom to work on our “Proof of Concept”. What is that? you my ask. Proof of Concept is just our way of showing we can do something related to our “BIG PICTURE PROJECT” on a semi-large scale. So we have been given just over two weeks to complete this assignment. I am doing an adapted version of the “30 Day Photo Challenge” shortened into 15 days and I was told I was expected to not be at school some days and instead be out in the field shooting. In short my Proof of Concept is just shooting as much as I can (15 different categories in 15 days or less).

It’ll definitely be a challenge due to my training and competition schedule, so that means I will have to work just that much harder! I am really looking forward to the rest of the semester.

P.S. if any students are reading this and are planning on joining or recently joined Propel, get ready for some wild jokes from our staff 🙂